Writing About News


News is information about current events, especially as provided by print media or broadcast media. It may include articles, televised reports, radio broadcasts or the testimonies of witnesses.

Whether you’re writing for school or for publication, make sure your article has a strong introduction and leads with the most important facts first. This is called the “inverted pyramid” approach, a format that helps readers skim through the story to find the most relevant and timely details.

Give your article a good closing statement that restates the main thesis, and points to potential future developments relating to your topic. This is done to give the reader a sense of completion and to keep the interest of your audience going.

Be sure your facts are accurate and backed by solid research before publishing. Checking your sources can make a big difference in the credibility of your piece and will help you write a better article.

Consider a News Aggregator for your Research

A news aggregator is a website that gathers a variety of stories from different places in one place and allows you to search for them. They can be a great source of current and historical news.

While some news sources are highly biased, there are many excellent, unbiased resources that students can use to stay up-to-date on key current events. These sources are based on journalism practices, are editorially sound and offer reporting rather than opinion. They also cover a wide range of topics that students will naturally gravitate toward.

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