What Is Technology?


Technology is a tool that can be used to deliver services or products on time, within budget, and with the best quality. Technologists must be skilled in design, manufacturing, and systems thinking. Then, they must communicate their ideas to a team, present their final solution, and compare market criteria.

A technology can refer to tangible tools and equipment, or intangible items such as data storage or networking. In either case, it requires specific training and a hands-on skill set.

Technology can be a benefit or a hindrance to human welfare. Modern technologies can also cause pollution, harm individuals, and disrupt social hierarchies. But they are also powerful tools that change life in positive ways.

For many, it is important to know how technology is created, and how it shapes the world. To this end, scholars across disciplines are encouraged to untangle the complex nature of modern technology.

Ultimately, it is the technology’s purpose and design that determine how it is used. Technologists must have an in-depth understanding of the limitations of their technology and how it is applied. They must be able to design and develop innovative solutions.

Many businesses use technology to stay competitive and deliver their products on time. This can include everything from creating new and improved services to delivering them on budget.

Today’s technology is so complex that entire fields have developed to support it. These include artificial intelligence, cloud management, and internet of things. And while they all serve an important purpose, there are some who are concerned that they are becoming a threat to human wellbeing.

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