What Is News?


News is information about current events. It can be spread by word of mouth, through printed media like newspapers and magazines, through radio or television, through telephones, or through electronic communication. News should be presented clearly so that people can understand it and so that they can appreciate it. It should also be presented in a picturesque manner so that people will remember it. It is not the job of news to entertain people, but entertainment can come from other sources – music and drama on TV and radio, cartoons and crossword puzzles in newspapers.

People are interested in all sorts of things, but only some of them are newsworthy. It is the things that have an impact on people and their lives that make news. Crimes, natural calamities, something unusual, social problems and money stories are all types of news.

Generally, the most important facts in any story must come first, followed by an increasing amount of detail as the article continues. This is called the “inverted pyramid” writing style, and it’s very important for readers to be able to skim through your story and get a clear idea of what happened without reading every paragraph.

Before submitting your news story for publication, it’s a good idea to have an editor read it. Not only will this help you catch spelling and grammatical errors, but an editor can also help you make your news story more focused and easy to read.

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