What is News?


News is information about a change that has occurred recently or is presently occurring. It includes reports on wars, governments and politics, education, health, the environment and business. It can also cover a variety of cultural events such as theatre, art and sport.

Some people like to keep up with the latest news to find out what is going on in their country or the world. Others prefer to follow a particular topic such as sports, business or science. A variety of sources can provide this news, such as newspapers, television and radio programs and the internet.

The quickest and easiest way to obtain news is through a radio or TV program or by checking websites on the Internet. These news sources generally provide straight reporting without any comment or opinion. Often, the source is clearly named and quotes are used. However, the internet can also contain information that is not sourced or is based on rumors. It is important to be able to discern this and avoid it, especially when reading online articles.

The most common subjects for news stories are people, places and things that affect the daily lives of people. For example, a fire may make news when it happens to a home or when the cause is unusual. Other issues that make news include food, clothing, money and the weather. For instance, weather that is either too hot or too cold may interest many people, while rain or snow will be of interest to some.

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