What is Fashion?


Fashion is a prevailing mode or style of dress, etiquette, socializing, etc. It is also a kind of craze or fad that tends to change or shift quickly. Fashion is a very powerful force; it has the ability to unify people, it can influence the way people think and talk, and it can also create distance between groups of people. Fashion trends are often influenced by popular culture, media, celebrities, and the social environment. Fashion is an omnipresent aspect of human life; it can be found in magazines, movies, music videos, TV shows, art pieces and even street signs.

Clothing is one of the most important aspects of fashion; it can define the way a person looks and feels, and it can affect their self-image and mood. In some cultures, certain types of clothing can reinforce traditional gender roles; for example, men’s shirts may be designed to be form-fitting or baggy, while women’s shirts are typically more loose and flowing.

Fashion is also a means of expressing creativity, and it can be viewed as a type of art. Fashion is often influenced by music, arts, and literature; for example, Albrecht Durer’s drawing contrasts a well-dressed bourgeoise from Nuremberg with a woman from Venice wearing high chopines that make her look taller. Many people, however, are not creative with their fashion choices; they simply rely on the ready-made clothing available at stores and malls. Such people are referred to as “fashion victims” or “fashionistas.” Trends in fashion can be influenced by other things; for example, new materials, techniques, and styles can be inspired by scientific research, technology, and travel.

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