What Is Fashion?

Fashion is a socio-cultural practice. It is a way of assessing people, through their clothing and appearance. It can also be a tool for political and social change.

There are many types of fashion, including western and non-western styles. These may vary by geography, ethnicity, age, social class, generation, and occupation.

Different geographic regions and societies have their own unique style of dress, and these styles may be based on cultural specificity. For instance, a Rajasthani kurta is a unique dress design that is based on the culture of that region.

The dress of a person reflects their identity, interests, and culture. It also can be an indicator of their status in a society.

Some people have an extremely high social status and are able to influence others with their clothing choices. These people may inspire new or different fashion trends.

Regardless of how high their social status is, most people have their own personal style. When it comes to identifying a unique style, there are some important rules to follow. These include keeping in line with the basic theme of a given piece, being attentive to the minute details, and keeping balance and rhythm.

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