What Is Fashion?

Fashion is a prevailing style of dress or other mode of expression, including modes of behavior and etiquette. It also describes something that is accepted in a culture at a particular time, such as the dress code for judges in a courtroom or the etiquette required for brides. The word is sometimes used in a negative sense to describe fads, trends, and materialism.

In modern Western societies, fashion is often seen as a way for people to express their creativity and individuality through the clothing they wear. Throughout history, fashion has served as a mirror of the society and cultural dynamics, with different eras and social movements being reflected by the changing styles of clothing.

The modern fast-paced changes in popular fashion have been a response to both cultural and technological factors. The evolution of new styles in clothing has been influenced by such things as the short skirts and boots that became fashionable in England after World War II, blue jeans that gained popularity in the United States, and hip-hop that inspired baggy clothes worn by many young people. The changes in fashion have also been influenced by changes in music, movies and books.

Some people have complained that changes in popular fashion are too quick and encourage wasteful spending on new clothing. Others have welcomed the diversity that the changes in fashion provide and have praised the ability of designers and consumers to constantly change the way they look.

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