Types of Business Services

Business services are activities that benefit companies without delivering physical products. Large firms in particular rely heavily on these services for marketing, production, cost and safety purposes—as well as to keep up with work demands.

A common type of business service involves the hiring of professional workers or a team of employees to complete a task. For example, if an architectural firm is completing the construction of a new building, it may hire a team of builders to do the job quickly and efficiently. The result is the company avoids the need to pay for pricy construction tools and saves time and money on labor.

Other types of business services include a delivery service that carries essential supplies to workplaces, helping cut down on expenses and offering convenience for employees. Some businesses also offer child care, which can help employees maintain a work-life balance and reduce costs by eliminating the need to send children to daycare. Real estate services are another type of business service, and companies often use these to find office space or retail locations that meet their needs.

Technical business services provide support for a company’s IT infrastructure and its operations. These may include IT audits, service catalog creation or implementation of an employee self-service portal. One type of technology-based business service is data analytics, which enables organizations to better understand their operational processes and make informed decisions about their future direction. Another is service management, which aligns IT assets with the needs of a company’s people and its ability to be profitable.

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