The Definition of Automobiles and Motorcycles


Automobiles are four wheeled self propelling machines, that are used to transport people or goods. Typically, most definitions of automobiles state that they have four wheels, are powered by fuel, run on roads, and can seat between one and eight passengers. However, there are other vehicles, such as minivans with permanently removed back seats, that are still considered automobiles.

Although motorcycles fall under the automobile definition, some courts have ruled that motorcycles are not auto propelled. This makes the definition of motorcycles a bit fuzzy.

Some people think that motorcycles are better than cars, especially if they are traveling over icy roads. Motorcycles do not offer the same convenience as a car, however. Cars can carry more passengers and carry more cargo. And they are more convenient for traveling on light traffic.

A car is more convenient, and can be more affordable. But, it is not ideal for everyone. Many factors determine whether or not a vehicle is a good choice. For example, a standard passenger vehicle accounts for a large share of the total number of motorcycle related injuries.

Motorcycles have become a popular mode of transportation, particularly in Asia. They are cheaper and offer greater convenience if operated properly. Thai motorcycles, for example, can be rented for less than 150 baht per day.

In fact, the number of registered motorcycles is growing every year. Consequently, the motorcycle industry is expanding. The industry has enjoyed a vintage decade.

Honda has become one of the top scooter makers in the world. Its market share in the Asian market is roughly 75% or higher. It also has a presence in Latin America and Africa. Moreover, it has a strong foothold in Brazil.

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