The Concept of Fashion


Fashion is a way of dressing and presenting oneself that is popular in a society. It is usually based on new trends and styles. It can also refer to a particular style or trend in art, music, dance and other aspects of culture. Fashion can also refer to a style of living, such as a particular diet or lifestyle.

Often, changes in fashion are assumed to reflect social change. However, this is not always the case. Research suggests that there are internal taste mechanisms that drive fashion trends, independent of social change. These factors include a desire to express individuality, a desire for status and power, a sense of timelessness and a need for novelty.

The concept of fashion is complex, as it is both a mirror and a distortion of our society. As the child and parent of capital, it favours financial over human and natural resources, but it can also be forcefully creative and destructive, a glamourised bright cellophane wrapper that obscures the contents within.

It makes us feel confident and bold. The inner delight and freshness that it brings, makes us energetic, active and fit. Fashion is a need of every person. It gives a beautiful and mesmerizing look to a person in the eyes of near and dear ones. It makes a person stand out in the crowd. It is a need of all age groups. Those who are not following fashion are considered out of date and less respectable by the society.

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