How to Write Good News


The term ‘news’ has several meanings. It can refer to various phenomena, such as large numbers or extreme behaviour. In particular, news values may refer to crime, extreme temperatures, and other unusual events. It may also refer to something that is exclusive. Newspapers often focus on these types of phenomena to create news value.

News stories can also be of a positive nature. For instance, celebrity stories are often reported when the subject is a prominent person. Other types of news include entertainment stories, which deal with animals, human interest, or show business. These stories can have witty headlines and be treated with humour. In addition, news stories may be classified into good news stories and bad news stories. In general, bad news stories have a negative overtone while good news stories have a positive one.

Many news outlets also contribute to social media, where the news can be shared with the public. Often, these news releases lead directly to the news outlet’s website. While this approach to news consumption is convenient, it has also raised questions about the credibility of news. Tech companies’ lawyers recently testified to U.S. Congress that hundreds of millions of users may have been exposed to content created by Russian operatives.

A good news article is readable and interesting. It should make the reader say ‘Gee Whiz!’ The news writer should be able to tell the story clearly and wittyly.

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