How to Write a News Article


News is information about current events. News is transmitted through a variety of communication media: word of mouth, newspapers and magazines, radio and television, and the Internet. Throughout history, different societies have had different criteria for what constitutes newsworthy information. Generally, a story is newsworthy if it has strong impact, incorporates violence or scandal, and is familiar to the reader.

The first thing to do when writing a news article is to decide who your audience is. This will dictate the voice and tone of your article. It will also help you to know what information to include in your article. Once you have a clear idea of who your audience is then you can begin to structure your article using the inverted pyramid technique. This method of writing a news article puts the most important information at the top of the article, allowing readers to get the facts they need quickly.

A good headline is essential for a news article, it must be short and catchy, and if possible contain an emotion or create curiosity. It is best to write a headline in the form of a question, as this will make it more memorable.

Once you have written your article it is a good idea to let someone else read it. They may be able to spot spelling or grammatical errors that you have missed. It is also helpful for them to see if your information is well presented and easy to understand.

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