Business Services

Business services

Business services are activities that assist a company, but do not produce a physical commodity. These include logistics, marketing and inter-departmental communication. They may also include professional services such as accounting, financial services and information technology.

Companies need a wide range of business services to function properly. Many of these services are delivered to employees by outside contractors, and the value of the service is intangible. For example, a company can hire a landscaping agency to maintain the grounds. Alternatively, it can buy supplies from a delivery service to save time and effort. These types of business services help companies focus on their strategic-based goals while outsourcing the labor that is not a core competency.

Insurance services, maintenance and repair services and tech support are common examples of business services. These business services protect the company’s property and assets, while keeping employee satisfaction high. They can also help the organization meet regulatory requirements. For instance, a company might need pest control or construction services to keep its workspace safe and up-to-code. These business services are usually provided by experienced professionals who know what they’re doing. Companies need these services to save time and money, and to ensure that their employees can work efficiently.

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