Business Services

Business services

The business services sector covers a broad range of support activities that help companies run their operations. This includes everything from IT services, building maintenance and catering to personnel and employment services. Business service firms also offer many other non-physical products and services that may be useful to a company. These might include legal advice, photo finishing and printing services, and office supply services.

Successful business-facing Services often mean better quality and outcomes both internally for the company and externally for its customers – although not all Services are customer-facing, as discussed in “Defining and Designing Business Services for Success”. A key element in this approach is understanding the value proposition of a service to your Customers and designing the service for that context.

Some of these Business services are similar to consumer offerings, with additional functionality, features and quality that are important for businesses. For example, a cloud storage service that is primarily aimed at consumers might have a business version with increased data redundancy.

Other business services are designed to provide convenience for employees or improve the productivity of a company. For example, delivery services make it easier for companies to get supplies and can help them save time by delivering the goods to their location. In-office day care and childcare services can also help employees keep a work-life balance. Lastly, professional services like accounting, consulting and training can help a company operate more efficiently and effectively.

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