Business Creation and Development in EnterpriseOne

Business services

Many companies need business services to run smoothly and efficiently. These include pest control and animal control professionals, who help keep employees safe from pests and keep companies from violating code. Other companies need maintenance service professionals to make sure their properties are properly maintained. They also need tech support experts to solve problems with technology and help employees remain productive.

You can create multiple business service objects in OMW. Each of these has its own workspace in JDeveloper. When you create a business service using OMW, the workspace for the business service has a project named after it. The project name for the JDeveloper project matches the business service object name in OMW. Refer to the Development Methodology Guide for the proper naming convention for your business service classes.

Business services are classes that run and manage processes. They are Java classes that contain a method and business logic for performing specific tasks. They are reusable in the code, and can be called by other business services. To create business services, you first create a method and a published value object. You can also use the Business Service Class Wizard to create a business service class.

You can create business services in EnterpriseOne by following the steps in the methodology guide. JDeveloper provides visual aids and prompts to create the code.

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