An automobile is a four to eight wheeled self-propelled passenger vehicle that uses an internal-combustion engine and is meant for transportation on streets and roads. The branches of engineering that deal with the manufacture and technology of automobiles are known as automotive engineering.

There are many types of automobiles based on the purpose they serve: Passenger vehicle – Car, bus, taxi etc. Commercial vehicle – Trucks, Tempos, Container vehicles, etc. Special purpose vehicles – Ambulance, Fire brigade, Police vehicles etc. The modern automobile was invented in the late 1800s when German engineer Karl Benz built the first practical, marketable vehicle. Earlier, steam and electric engines were attached to wagons, but the cars were heavy, making them slow and hard to control.

Benz’s design was simpler than previous models and more reliable. He also improved the safety features of his vehicle by adding brakes and a steering wheel. Eventually, other inventors and engineers improved upon the basic Benz model.

The car revolutionized the world, giving people freedom to travel and more access to jobs, schools, and family. It also changed the way businesses operate and how people shop.

Today, there are hundreds of car companies and countless options for buyers. Most cars are powered by gasoline, but there are also electric, natural gas, and hybrid vehicles. Some are built to be sporty, like sportscars and muscle cars. Others are built to be practical, like sedans and SUVs. There are even large box-shaped vehicles, called vans, that can carry lots of passengers or cargo.

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